Oriental Rug Restoration

Members of our experienced restoration department have been working with Abrahams for over 14 years, and have repaired damage ranging from slight, to severe. Their expertise is unsurpassed in the industry, and their commitment to quality means outstanding results. We will be happy to assess any rug, large or small. Arrangements can even be made to have your carpet picked-up and delivered to your home or office. Please see our Contact  page to set a date to have any rugs estimated by our experienced appraisers.

Case study on Restoration

November 2013 case study of an Antique Sarook Rug, (Both sets of pictures were taken with different cameras and different settings)
Size 14' x 24'5" 
hand woven in Iran Circa 1820, 100% wool

Case study on Restoration-2

October 2013 case study of an Antique French Savonnerie Rug, 
Size: 16’ x 21’ , 
All hand made in France, Circa 1820, 100% wool

Before After

Case study on Restoration-3

Antique Farahan rug circa 1860,Size Of The Rug Is 14’X25’. 
It was all hand woven in Iran 

More than 20% of the rug was completely damaged as seen in the picture. This rug was a family heirloom passed to the Prominent Attorney family from their grandfather. The rug used to be under his desk, water over time leaked  from a  potted plant and it was never detected for a long period of time, when it was examined, a large part of the rug was completely destroyed.

Abrahams was asked to explore the possibility of 100% restoration of the rug which needed 2 months of preparation in selecting the appropriate yarn and materials, etc. We were able to estimate the work to be complete in 18 months. The rug was earlier appraised for more than $200,000 and then after damage it had no value.

However, the agreement was to restore the rug to 100% in perfect condition which was achieved in 11 months, Our clients were extremely happy with the job.