Cleaning & Restoration

Each rug is examined thoroughly for damage, including moth damage, before restoration.

Our rug restoration services include a wide range of rugs we can restore, from new to antique rugs. With our team of skilled rug repair specialists, we can restore a wide range of rugs using specialized weave techniques specific to the type of rug. French Aubusson from France, for example, requires a unique weave technique for restoration.

Other specialties include:

  • Antique Persian rugs from Iran
  • Antique Persian Rugs from India
  • Antique rugs from China, Afghanistan, Tibet, Kazak,


Kilims and Tapestries

If your rug requires color restoration, we have a few methods to restore a rug’s color. By either injecting dye into the fiber or by removing damaged wool and stitching in stronger, more durable wool, we can repair and restore your rug. We have yarn fiber from different parts of the world in stock and colors can be matched most of the time. We also keep good stacks of scraps from rugs for future use repairs. Sometimes rugs have to be resized for various reasons, which provides us a good source of rug fibers to use in rug restorations.

Abraham’s Oriental Rugs can repair bindings that are tattered from daily use or vacuum cleaning. We rebind the sides of the rug by hand. We often repair rugs with missing Tassels or Fringes. Fringes are typically cotton fiber, silk or wool. Camel hair is also used for rug tassels or fringes, which can be restored by adding ready-made fringes or creating fringes from existing rug fringes.

Depending on the valuation of each rug, an appropriate restoration style is determined on individual basis.

We have been very blessed to have experienced staff which has kept us successful for over 40 years. Thanks be to God for every client and every opportunity to learn and do better as time has progresses. We look forward with great joy to the future of Rug Restoration and are excited to provide these services for your valuable rugs.