Houston Living Room Oriental Area Rugs

Abraham’s Rugs has been in the Houston living room oriental area rugs business for decades and proudly carries the largest selection of new, vintage and antique living room oriental area rugs in Houston.

We are so pleased to be able to meet the needs of multiple generations of oriental rug lovers and collectors throughout the state. Our Houston custom oriental area rugs store experts can guide you through the process of selecting a unique piece of art whether you are looking for a newly made rug or are shopping for that investment quality antique.

Options for just about any home or business

Perhaps you’ve wondered whether an oriental rug would fit with your home’s decor or architectural style. Abraham’s living room oriental area rugs in Houston offer styles and colors that will add a richness to a lovely setting of antique furniture or a splash of vivid color to your clean, modern furnishing choices.

  • Consider the soft, rich colors that can be found in an Aubusson for your “shabby chic” collection or the more well-defined colors and patterns of a Dhurry for your wood-paneled log cabin great room.


  • Abraham’s Houston living room oriental area rugs specialists can assist you in expanding your imagination to get exactly the look and feel for which you have been searching.


  • When you are considering the purchase of a custom, antique or new oriental rug, would you appreciate the opportunity to see how the rug fits in your home? Abraham’s custom oriental area rugs store in Houston is one of the only dealers who will allow you to “try out” your rug before making a final decision and purchase.  We only ask that you maintain and protect the rug while it is in your possession.

Contact Abraham’s Oriental Rugs

Maybe you’ve had one of our wonderful rugs in your home for years but have decided to shake things up with a new decor or color scheme. Abraham’s Houston living room oriental area rugs team will happily work with you on a fair trade or purchase of a new rug. Contact Abraham’s Rugs now to learn more about your oriental rug options.