Houston Oriental Rug Water Damage Repair Services

Abraham’s Rugs and our Houston oriental rug water damage repair services team members are all well aware that “accidents” happen. Your beloved carpet may be a victim of flooding or fire extinguishing treatments. You may be training a new puppy or kitten. Your Aunt Doris may have inadvertently slopped a measure of Cabernet onto your beautiful cream-colored Persian.

Our crew can take on nearly any oriental rug stain removal in Houston and we have seen all of those problems — and many more — in our decades of selling and caring for your prized rugs.

Comprehensive Rug Repair and Treatment Services

Protecting the prized possessions of our clients

What are we talking about when we refer to oriental rug water damage repair in Houston TX? In some of the more extreme cases, you may need to replace an entire segment of the pattern due to mold or mildew. In a less extreme case, we may replace a discolored fringe or binding.

Unpleasant odors can be another indication or symptom of water damage. Abraham’s Houston oriental rug water damage repair staff has extensive experience in rug making and repair techniques that will return your prized rug to it’s pristine condition.

We understand that many of our clients have rugs that span generations, thus, becoming a precious family heirloom.  Well cared for oriental rugs can have lifespans of a hundred years or more if problems are treated quickly and professionally by the topmost team of oriental rug stain removal in Houston TX.

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At Abraham’s Rugs and our oriental rug water damage repair in Houston, we know that your rug carries the stories of your family — we want to protect them!

Don’t let water damage, stains or insect damage turn your heirloom rug into an alley castoff. Contact Abraham’s Rugs for oriental rug stain removal and oriental rug water damage repair services. Our repair services include home pick-up and drop-off. Protect your investment, and your memories, for future generations.