Memorial Luxury Oriental Rugs Store

At Abraham’s Rugs, our Memorial luxury oriental rugs store is your premier dealer for heirloom quality new, vintage and antique rugs. We carry only the best in Persians, Indian, Nepalese, Dhurries and an extensive collection from around the world. Abraham’s is proud of our “one-of-a-kind” collection and invites you to visit one of our three showrooms to find the design of your dreams.

We’d like to think we have a pretty good eye for beauty and a feel for comfort that parallels our knowledge of value and investment. There is nothing quite like “sinking” into a beautifully woven carpet and we will share this experience with you in our Memorial luxury Persian rugs design showroom.

Comprehensive Rug Repair and Treatment Services

Protecting the prized possessions of our clients

In recent years, high demand, rising prices and diminishing supply have sharply increased the investment value of an authentic Persian rug.  The staff at Abraham’s luxury oriental rugs store in Memorial is renowned for their expertise in:

  • Exposing forgeries (our inventory is filled with authentic pieces)
  • Determining value
  • Revealing the history of the available rugs

That expertise extends to one of the most important factors in purchasing an older rug — condition. When considering an antique or vintage rug, you can expect some wear and tear, such as mild changes in the dye or the need for repiling. When looking for a new carpet at Abraham’s Memorial luxury oriental rugs store, you can be assured that we can guide you in terms of design, color and investment opportunity.

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We carry tapestry rugs to delight your eyes and patterns that will bring order to your room. In fact, the team members at Abraham’s luxury Persian rugs design showroom in Memorial are certain that we will have a design and color scheme that will delight your senses.

The pieces in Abraham’s luxury oriental rugs store in Memorial really embody the magic of the “flying carpet.” Kings of old gave sanctuary to those who could reach the edge of their carpet. Even today, Bedouin tents are a gorgeous display of multiple carpets. Capture the magic and beauty for yourself at Abraham’s Memorial luxury oriental rugs store.